All of our furniture is made-to-order. We only use locally-sourced hardwoods in the production of our fine furniture. Each piece is finished with Osmo, which is based on natural oils and waxes, resistant to moisture, and food safe. The average build-to-completion timeframe is 10-12 weeks due to our small business size and operation, but may vary depending on the number of orders in the queue. We cannot guarantee a completion date for any orders, but will happily provide updates if requested via email. 

Our curated selection of handcrafted home goods includes our own handmade products made of locally sourced hardwoods, as well as goods made by artists and makers of different media who we admire. Every product we make ourselves or source from other artists goes through the same criteria we use to select what goes in our storefront and in our online store - it must be made by hand and it must inspire the feeling of home.

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