made by hand. feel at home.

Our motto is "made by hand. feel at home." We design and build fine wood furniture and home goods made by hand out of our woodshop in Rogers, Arkansas. With every piece we design and make, our desired result is for the owner of the piece to feel at home, at ease, and at peace. We live in a culture cluttered with material objects, non-stop information, never-ending to-do lists, world issues, and so on. We want to help folks create a space in their home/office/business where they can feel like it is their sanctuary and "recharging station", if you will.   

Living room scene

Our commitment to our clients is to deliver high-quality products made to last generations as an heirloom piece. We build furniture that lasts by using high-quality hardwoods and earth-friendly finishes. In addition, we are committed to expanding access into the woodworking field to those systemically excluded, such as women, LGBTQIA+, non-binary, and BIPOC folx, by way of woodworking workshops. 

Our expertise extends beyond our woodshop walls. Our educational background in woodworking includes an in-depth understanding of the qualities of hardwoods used in furniture-making. We work only with locally-sourced hardwoods which we handpick ourselves for the best quality. We know which woods work best for the pieces we create, whether it's a food-safe product, or an indoor or outdoor piece. 

Monica selecting wood at the local lumberyard

Monica is professionally-trained in furniture-making, combining traditional furniture-making practices with a modern and minimalistic design approach to create heirloom quality wood furniture. Learn more about her here